Just a Little Preview…

Just a Little Preview…

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I had a photo shoot for an upcoming poster campaign in NY this past weekend, and while I cannot release the results of that shoot (the pictures belong to the company that hired me… but take my word for it, you will die when you see them!), the photographer and I were having such a great session that we shot a couple extras that I can release. Consider it a little sneak peak at what is to come… I haven’t shot glamouresque images like this in yonkers – I hope you like them!

~Sophie xoxo


Playboy: May 2011 Issue

Playboy: May 2011 Issue

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By now, most of you guys know that I’m on the path to becoming an attorney, and you probably have read somewhere that because of that goal, I don’t believe in posing nude.

So its kind of surprising then, that I am in this month’s issue of Playboy magazine! (fully covered, of course)…



While the magazine is on stands, I am happy to offer my humble autograph. If you would like me to sign your issue, please mail it to:

Sophie Turner Autograph Requests
c/o Parliament Productions
PO Box 36070
Los Angeles, California 90036

Be sure to include a stamped, self addressed envelope in your package so I can return the signed magazine to you!


~Sophie xoxo





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A few months ago it was Maxim and Sports Illustrated… and today it’s FHM!

My assistant rather annoyingly woke me up this morning to let me know Paparazzi pics of me out on the town the other night have surfaced all over the internet (see here, for one, and here). FHM seems to have taken a particular liking to the shots because they posted me as their top story of the day!

Check it out below.

Thanks to all of the lovely people who gave me “thumbs up” – I am in awe of your kind response.

~Sophie xo

Sophie is Coming to BOSTON!

Sophie is Coming to BOSTON!

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Boston Barstools has been showing me love for the last year or so, and after their head guy “El Pres”  has attempted a lot of desperate one way flirting and some rather tragic online courting (see Exhibit A, and Exhibit B, and Exhibit C) they recently invited me to host their 4th annual Mardi Gras party. To be honest with you, I am sensing a major stalker brewing, so I decided to keep things very calm and not piss anyone off… and accepted their offer.




You will find me at Hurricane O’Reilly’s @ 150 Canal Street, Boston MA 02114

Friday, 4th March 2011

Doors open at 9:00 PM

RSVP to mardigras@barstoolsports.com



Anyone in the Boston area feel free to come say hi!! I would love to see you all there.


… and if I become a “Missing Person” on or around March 4th, tell the FBI to find “El Pres” somewhere over at Barstool Sports. Thanks.




The Gossip Queens, round two

The Gossip Queens, round two

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I filmed another episode of The Gossip Queens yesterday, and again had an absolute blast on the show. The Gossip Queens is a really funny talk show that centers around celebrity gossip; and each episode a couple of special guests come on to talk about top celebrity news stories, and dish personal tales of their interactions with various stars.

Below is a picture of me with fellow guest La Coacha, taken in the green room. La Coacha is an absolute riot – her outfits alone are worth tuning in!

You can check out my episode on Friday Oct 22, at 7pm ET/PT on LOGO.

The episode will then repeat at

7:30 p.m. ET/PT

12 midnight ET/PT

12:30 a.m.  ET/PT  (Sat. Oct. 23)

2:00 p.m.  ET/PT   (Sat. Oct. 23)

2:30 p.m.  ET/PT   (Sat. Oct. 23)

3:00 a.m.  ET/PT   (Sat. Oct. 23)

3:30 a.m.  ET/PT   (Sat. Oct. 23)

Check for more information, check: http://www.logotv.com

A Recent Run-in with TMZ

A Recent Run-in with TMZ

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Last Friday I was out with a girlfriend at BOA and bumped into my buddy Daniel Puder, who has recently taken on an anti-bullying stance with TMZ. We are in talks over starting a fully fledged campaign to try to put an end to bullying across America.


You can check out the TMZ video by clicking HERE


There have been a lot of incredibly tragic stories in the media lately, about kids who have struggled so badly with bullying that they have resorted to suicide. Hearing these stories gives me the chills, puts a lump in my throat, fills my eyes with tears… It is just so terribly sad. I feel very strongly about bullying because I, myself, was bullied as a teen.


The kids at my school used to tease me about everything. Being too pale. Wearing glasses. Having braces. They used to accuse me of wearing lipstick to school, when actually I just have naturally red lips (anything looked unusually dark compared to my fair skin). They would make fun of me for my skinny arms, my gangly legs. I was “too tall”, “too skinny”. I was “too nerdy”, “not popular enough”, “not pretty enough”.


Here I am at age 10, which is when the teasing started. They called me “ghost” and “albino” and made fun of my lips.

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One Hopes Evening

One Hopes Evening

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I was in nine different cities in September, it’s amazing I found time to fly up to Montreal for a couple days to shoot my most recent film, a short film named One Hopes Evening. It was a tight squeeze in my schedule (I did not sleep for 72 hours in order to shoot this) (…please keep that in mind when you see the no makeup scene! ha), but I really LOVED the script when I read it, it absolutely epitomized my personal views of the modeling industry, and because of that I just could not turn the opportunity down.


I feel so blessed to spend every day doing what I love; it is an exhilarating, exciting and enlightening industry! What many people don’t see, however, is that behind all the glitz and glam comes the daily experience of being assumed moronic simply by nature of having half-way decent looks. Models are oft treated as pieces of fluff, being bossed around, yelled at, insulted, and patronized by the very people that hired them. I cannot tell you the amount of instances where I wanted to speak up against some A-hole’s patronizing remarks, but in the cutthroat and competitive modeling world I knew it would be the absolute end of me, so I have always held my tongue.

As you can imagine, the second-to-last scene in this film was rather cathartic for me!

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it. Xo

Written & Directed By Pascal Payant
Cast: Sophie Turner, Richard Roy Sutton, Vince Greene, Amélie Paul.
Music By Nouvelle Vague & Kill The Zodiac
Sound Design By Martin Blanco

The Gossip Queens

The Gossip Queens

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I was invited as a panelist to appear on a new talk show called ‘The Gossip Queens’. I just finished filming it and it was so much fun! I don’t consider myself much of a gossiper, in fact I really dislike talking about other people’s business, but I do seem to mingle with a lot of celebrities so naturally I have a few stories to tell…

My episode will air this Wednesday Oct 6th at 7pm ET/PT on LOGO, check it out! xo

(UPDATE: You can check it out  by clicking HERE )



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I am coming to Rhode Island next week, so all of you who happen to be in the area come and say hi! xo

Monet Lounge @ 114 Harris Ave, Providence RI

Tuesday, Oct 5th, 2010, 11pm

For table reservations contact 401 580 4VIP

Cliche, Cliche, Cli-fucking-Che

Cliche, Cliche, Cli-fucking-Che

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There are some real asshole bloggers on the internet who consistently say that I am “jobless”. Apparently, according to their pipsqueak minds, they assume that because I have blonde hair and big boobs that I – naturally – must spend my days shopping with my harem of sugar daddies (scuze me while I vomit), and getting manis and pedis while gossiping to my Hollywood ho friends on my phone about “she wore what?!”… “oh my god. Shut up! That’s like so totally seriously like seriously totally cool, ya know?” (meanwhile, every time I hear a girl speak like this I want to slap her).

I’m sure they also assume I own a small rat-like dog which I dress up in frilly designer dog wear, in some sort of confused effort to show the world that I’m superior. And, of course, most of them think that because I look the way I do that obviously I’m shagging NBA and NFL stars on constant rotation, (Oh em gee, I just can’t make up my mind over which type of athlete I like best! Oh the debacle!!!) and ya know, occasionally mix in a few celebrity actors and rockstars… Heck, they may as well throw in a politician or two too. I’m aiming high. (that was sarcastic). I’m sure they think these guys I’m supposedly banging are paying my bills. Yep, between them all, they are floating my mortgages and funding my fancy lifestyle. Cos there’s no way I could possibly be doing it all myself, is there?

Wait, hang on… I’m not giving the bloggers enough credit. Some of them DO think I have a job and support myself… which leads me to my favorite assumption they make, because its so obvious that because I have blond hair and big boobs that I just must be a porn star, right?


In fact, all of these bullshit assumptions they make COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. To state it more clearly – just writing these cliché words made me want to throw up.

I’m so tired of these stereotypes. I’m a normal girl, with a ton of education, great morals, good manners and simple attitude to life. I work hard. I have earned every ounce of my success the hard way. Not many people can juggle law school with a demanding, international modeling career. I walked on the most prestigious runways in the world on Monday, wrote a paper on the plane on Tuesday, and aced my law exams on Wednesday, and I did it a thousand times over for five years straight. THINK IT’S EASY you dumb fuck bloggers? YOU TRY IT. Oh, and I have an IQ of 169. So fuck you.

All I’m saying is… Don’t I deserve some credit? So what if I wear a short dress every now and then? Who the f cares? Am I supposed to wear a suit or a smock or a moo-moo or a burka just to show the world I am not a stereotypical whore? What on earth is wrong with our society if people can’t get past an appearance, no matter how hard that person has worked for their success?

For those of you who are interested in knowing the real me, take a look at a recent excerpt from my calendar for the last few days (I removed some names just for confidentiality)… Not saying I’m burning the midnight oil working 5 jobs trying to feed my 7 kids… but I’m also not sitting by a pool sipping martinis either.